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Quartz is a man-made stone that offers durability, functionality, and beauty. You can use it as any indoor application including kitchen and bathroom countertops, reception desks, back splash, and shower cladding and sills. It is commonly known as a maintenance free, non-porous, durable, stain and scratch resistant material. Placement of electric skillets and hot pots directly onto the surface is to be avoided.

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Laminate is ideal for residential and commercial surfaces such as bar tops, vanities, islands, countertops, and desks. It is available in a range of designs and offers extremely affordable pricing. Laminate is not recommended for outdoors, high moisture areas, or fireplaces.

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Granite is an excellent option for kitchens, outdoor barbeques, cottages, bar tops, and vanities. While this natural stone offers exotic and unique beauty, it is also very durable. Granite is offered in textured and leather finishes as well. Ensure your granite remains sealed to prevent the stone from absorbing any liquids.

*Granite slabs must be tagged

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Dekton comes with a range of technologies in elegant designs and textures. It is guaranteed for 25 years and is resisitant to scratches, stains, fire, heat, abrasion, freezing, and mechanical. Dekton is the perfect application for outdoor, cottage, wall cladding, and fireplace renovations.

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